Fixing The Oscars – 1947

Best Picture in the English Language

Black Narcissus (WINNER)

– Out of the Past
– Lady from Shanghai
– The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
– Odd Man Out

Best Picture in Another Language

Germany Year Zero (WINNER)

– Quai des orfèvres
– Record of a Tenement Gentleman

Best Actor in a Leading Role

James Mason (Odd Man Out) (WINNER- TIE!)
Robert Mitchum (Out of the Past) (WINNER-TIE!)

– Richard Attenborough (Brighton Rock)
– Charles Chaplin (Monsieur Verdoux)
– Louis Jouvet: Quai des Orfèvres
– Lawrence Tierney (Born To Kill)

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Deborah Kerr (Black Narcissus) (WINNER)

– Gene Tierney (The Ghost and Mrs. Miur)
– Jane Greer (Out of the Past)
– Rita Hayworth (The Lady from Shanghai)
– Joan Crawford (Possessed) (original nominee)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Edmund Gwenn (Miracle on 34th Street) (WINNER – original winner)

– Richard Widmark (Kiss of Death) (original nominee)
– David Farrar (Black Narcissus)
– Everett Sloane (Lady from Shanghai)
– Robert Ryan (Crossfire) (original nominee)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Kathleen Byron (Black Narcissus) (WINNER)

– Martha Raye (Monsieur Verdoux)
– Celeste Holm (Gentleman’s Agreement) (original winner)
– Agnes Moorehead (Dark Passage)
– Ethel Barrymore (The Paradine Case) (original nominee)

Best Director
Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger (Black Narcissus) (WINNER)

– Orson Welles (The Lady from Shanghai)
– Jacques Tourneur (Out Of The Past)
– Carol Reed (Odd Man Out)
– Joseph L. Mankiewicz (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir)

Best Screenplay

Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger (Black Narcissus) (WINNER)

– Charles Chaplin (Monsieur Verdoux) (original nominee)
– George Seaton (Miracle on 34th Street) (original winner)
– Phillip Dunne; Joseph L. Mankiewicz (The Ghost And Mrs. Muir)
– Daniel Mainwaring (Out Of The Past)

Best Cinematography

Jack Cardiff (Black Narcissus) (WINNER – original winner color cinematography)

– Charles Lawton, Jr. (Lady from Shanghai)
– Charles Lang (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir) (original nominee)
– Nicholas Musuraca (Out of the Past)
– John Alton (T-Men)

Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture

Bernard Hermann (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir) (WINNER)

– Brian Easdale (Black Narcissus)
– Alfred Newman (Captain from Castile) (original nominee)
– Miklós Rózsa (A Double Life) (original winner)
– Miklós Rózsa (Brute Force)
– Franz Waxman (The Paradine Case)

Best Short

WINNER: King-Size Canary (MGM/Tex Avery)

– Fireworks (Kenneth Anger)
– Mickey and the Beanstalk (Disney/Hamilton Luske)
– Along Came Daffy (Warner Bros./Friz Freleng)
– Tweetie Pie (Warner Bros./Friz Freleng)

Best Film Editing

WINNER: Viola Lawrence (The Lady from Shanghai)

– Fergus McDonnell (Odd Man Out)
– Reginald Mills (Black Narcissus)
– Francis D. Lyon, Robert Parrish (Body and Soul)
– Charles Bretoneiche (Quai des Orfèvres)
– Samuel E. Beetley (Out of the Past)
– Dorothy Spencer (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir)

Best Art-Direction
WINNER: Alfred Junge (Black Narcissus)

– Stephen Gooson. Sturges Carne (The Lady from Shanghai)
– Albert S. d’Agostino, Jack Okey (Out of the Past)

Best Costume Design

WINNER: Hein Heckroth (Black Narcissus)

– Eleonore Behm, Oleg Cassini(The Ghost and Mrs. Muir)

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