Fixing The Oscars – 1945

Best Picture: Non-English Language

THE WINNER: Children of Paradise

– Open City
– Ivan the Terrible, Part One

Best Picture: English Language

THE WINNER: The Lost Weekend (original winner)

– Mildred Pierce (original nominee)
– I Know Where I’m Going!
– Detour
– Scarlet Street

Best Actor

THE WINNER: Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend) (original winner)

– Jean-Louis Barrault (Children of Paradise)
– Edward G. Robinson (Scarlet Street)
– Aldo Fabrizi (Open City)
– Nikolai Cherkasov (Ivan the Terrible, Part One)

Best Actress

THE WINNER: Joan Crawford (Mildred Pierce) (original winner)

– Wendy Hiller (I Know Where I’m Going!)
– Gene Tierney (Leave Her to Heaven) (original nominee)
– Joan Bennett (Scarlet Street)
– Judy Garland (The Clock)
– Ann Savage (Detour)

Best Supporting Actor

THE WINNER: Michael Redgrave (Dead of Night)

– Jack Carson (Mildred Pierce)
– George Sanders (The Picture of Dorian Gray)
– Robert Mitchum (The Story of G.I. Joe) (original nominee)
– Boris Karloff (The Body Snatcher)
– Pierre Brasseur (Children of Paradise)

Best Supporting Actress

THE WINNER: Ann Blyth (Mildred Pierce) (original nominee)

– Angela Lansbury (The Picture of Dorian Gray) (original nominee)
– Anna Magnani (Open City)
– Margaret Rutherford (Blithe Spirit)
– Eve Arden (Mildred Pierce) (original nominee)

Best Director

THE WINNER: Marcel Carne (Children of Paradise)

– Sergei Eisenstein (Ivan the Terrible, Part One)
– Billy Wilder (The Lost Weekend) (original winner)
– Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
– Roberto Rossellini (Open City)
– Edgar G. Ulmer (Detour)

Best Screenplay

THE WINNER: Jacques Prevert (Children of Paradise) (original nominee)

– Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder (The Lost Weekend) (original winner)
– Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger (I Know Where I’m Going!)
– Ranald MacDougall (Mildred Pierce) (original nominee)
– Robert Nathan, Joseph Schrank (The Clock)

Best Cinematography

THE WINNER: Eduard Tisse, Andrei Moskvin (Ivan the Terrible, Part One)

– Leon Shamroy (Leave Her to Heaven) (original color winner)
– Ernest Haller (Mildred Pierce) (original nominee)
– George Barnes (Spellbound) (original nominee)
– Marc Fossard, Roger Hubert (Children of Paradise)

Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture

THE WINNER: Miklos Rozsa (Spellbound) (original winner)

– Sergei Prokofiev (Ivan the Terrible, Part One)
– Max Steiner (Mildred Pierce)
– Miklos Rozsa (The Lost Weekend) (original nominee)
– Allan Gray (I Know Where I’m Going!)
– Alfred Newman (Leave Her to Heaven)
– George Bassmann (The Clock)

Best Short

WINNER: Quiet Please! (MGM/William Hanna & Joseph Barbera)

– Swing Shift Cinderella (MGM/Tex Avery)
– Jasper and the Beanstalk (Paramount/George Pal)

Best Film Editing

WINNER: Serguei M. Eisenstein (Ivan The Terrible – Part I)

– Madeleine Bonin, Henri Rust (Les Enfants du paradis)
– George McGuire (Detour)
– David Weisbart (Mildred Pierce)

Best Art Direction

WINNER: Isaak Shpinel (Ivan The Terrible – Part I)

– Alexandre Trauner, Léon Barsacq, Raymond Gabutti (Les Enfants du paradis)
– Lyle R. Wheeler; Maurice Ransford; Thomas Little (Leave Her to Heaven)

Best Costume Design

WINNER: Leonid Naumov, Nadezhda Buzina (Ivan The Terrible – Part I)

– Antoine Mayo (Les Enfants du paradis)
– Milo Anderson (Mildred Pierce)

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