Fixing The Oscars – 1935

Best Picture: English Language

THE WINNER: Bride of Frankenstein

– The Thirty Nine Steps
– Top Hat (original nominee)
– Mutiny on the Bounty (original winner)
– Ruggles of Red Gap (original nominee)

Best Actor

THE WINNER: Boris Karloff (Bride of Frankenstein)
THE WINNER: Charles Laughton (Mutiny on the Bounty) (original nominee)

– Victor McLaglen (The Informer) (original winner)
– Charles Laughton (Ruggles of Red Gap)
– Fred Astaire (Top Hat)
– Peter Lorre (Mad Love)

Best Actress

THE WINNER: Bette Davis (Dangerous)

– Ginger Rogers (Top Hat)
– Madeleine Carroll (The Thirty Nine Steps)
– Katharine Hepburn (Alice Adams) (original nominee)
– Greta Garbo (Anna Karenina)

Best Supporting Actor

THE WINNER: Ernest Thesiger (Bride of Frankenstein)

– Edward Everett Horton (Top Hat)
– Charles Laughton (Les Miserables)
– Charles Ruggles (Ruggles of Red Gap)
– W.C. Fields (David Copperfield)
– Roland Young (Ruggles of Red Gap)
– Eric Blore (Top Hat)

Best Supporting Actress

THE WINNER: Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein)

– Peggy Ashcroft (The Thirty Nine Steps)
– Helen Broderick (Top Hat)
– Blanche Yurka (A Tale of Two Cities)
– Margaret Dumont (A Night at the Opera)

Best Director

THE WINNER: Alfred Hitchcock (The Thirty Nine Steps)

– James Whale (Bride of Frankenstein)
– John Ford (The Informer) (original winner)
– Karl Freund (Mad Love)
– Leo McCarey (Ruggles of Red Gap)

Best Screenplay

THE WINNER: William Hurlbut, John L. Balderston (Bride of Frankenstein)

– Charles Bennett, Alma Revile, Ian Hay (The Thirty Nine Steps)
– Dudley Nichols (The Informer) (original winner)
– Walter DeLeon, Humphrey Pearson, Harlan Thompson (Ruggles of Red Gap)
– George S. Kaufman, Morris Ryskind (A Night at the Opera)

Best Cinematography

THE WINNER: John J. Mescall (Bride of Frankenstein)

Joseph H. August (The Informer)
Chester Lyons, Gregg Toland (Mad Love)
Bernard Knowles (The Thirty Nine Steps)
Hal Mohr (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) (original winner)
David Abel (Top Hat)

Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture

THE WINNER: Franz Waxman (Bride of Frankenstein)

– Max Steiner (The Informer) (original winner)
– Herbert Stothart (Mutiny on the Bounty)
– Herbert Stothart (A Tale of Two Cities)

Best Film Editing

WINNER: Derek N. Twist (The 39 Steps)
WINNER: Ralph Dawson (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

– Ted Kent (Bride of Frankenstein)
– George Hively (The Informer)
– George Amy (Captain Blood)
– Jean Feyte (Princess Tam Tam)

Best Art Direction

WINNER: Charles D. Hall (Bride of Frankenstein, The)

– Guy de Gastyne (Princess Tam Tam)
– Van Nest Polglase (Top Hat)
– Cedric Gibbons, A. Arnold Gillespie (Mutiny on the Bounty)

Best Costume Design

WINNER: Uncredited (The Bride of Frankenstein)

– Max Ree, Milo Anderson (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
– Gaston, Philippe, Zanel (Princess Tam Tam)
– Milo Anderson (Captain Blood)
– Adrian (Anna Karenina)

Best Song

WINNER: “Cheek to Cheek” – Irving Berlin (Irving Berlin)

Best Short

WINNER: Who Killed Cock Robin? (Disney/David Hand)

– The Band Concert (Disney/Wilfred Jackson)

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