Fixing the Oscars – 1936

Best Picture: English Language

THE WINNER: Modern Times

– Dodsworth
– My Man Godfrey
– Swing Time
-Show Boat

Best Picture: Non-English Language

THE WINNER: The Only Son

– A Day in the Country
– The Crime of Monsieur Lange
– Sisters of the Gion
– The Story of a Cheat

Best Actor

THE WINNER: Walter Huston (Dodsworth) (original nominee)

– William Powell (My Man Godfrey) (original nominee)
– Charles Chaplin (Modern Times)
– Gary Gooper (Mr. Deeds Goes to Town) (original nominee)
– Fred Astaire (Swing Time)

Best Actress

THE WINNER: Carole Lombard (My Man Godfrey) (original nominee)

– Sylvia Sidney (Fury)
– Greta Garbo (Camille) (original nominee)
– Frances Farmer (Come and Get It)
– Choko Iida (The Only Son)
– Ruth Chatterton (Dodsworth)
– Sylvia Sidney (Sabotage)

Best Supporting Actor

THE WINNER: Paul Robeson (Show Boat)

– Eugene Pallete (My Man Godfrey)
– Humphrey Bogart (The Petrified Forest)
– Walter Brennan (Come and Get It) (original winner)
– Mischa Auer (My Man Godfrey) (original nominee)
– Jules Berry (The Crime of M. Lange)

Best Supporting Actress

THE WINNER: Mary Astor (Dodsworth)

– Alice Brady (My Man Godfrey) (original nominee)
– Luise Rainer (The Great Ziegfeld) (original winner – lead)
– Bonita Granville (These Three) (original nominee)
– Paulette Goddard (Modern Times)

Best Director

THE WINNER: Charles Chaplin (Modern Times)

– William Wyler (Dodsworth) (original nominee)
– Fritz Lang (Fury)
– James Whale (Show Boat)
– Yasujiro Ozu (The Only Son)
– Alfred Hitchcock (Sabotage)
– George Stevens (Swing Time)

Best Screenplay

THE WINNER: Eric Hatch, Morrie Ryskind (My Man Godfrey) (original nominee)

– Sidney Howard (Dodsworth) (original nominee)
– Robert Riskin (Mr. Deeds Goes to Town) (original nominee)
– Masao Arata, Tadao Ikeda, Yasujiro Ozu (The Only Son)
– Bartlett Cormack, Fritz Lang (Fury)

Best Cinematography

THE WINNER: Jean Bourgoin, Claude Renoir (A Day in the Country)

– Tony Gaudio (Anthony Adverse) (original winner)
– Shojiro Sugimoto (The Only Son)
– Joseph Ruttenberg (Fury)
– William Daniels, Karl Freund (Camille)
– Rudolph Mate (Dodsworth)

Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture

THE WINNER: Erich Wolfgang Korngold (Anthony Adverse) (original winner)

– Charles Chaplin (Modern Times)
– Alfred Newman (Dodsworth)
– Franz Waxman (Fury)
– Max Steiner (The Charge of the Light Brigade) (original nominee)

Best Film Editing

WINNER: Charles Chaplin (Modern Times)

– Charles Frend (Sabotage)
– Ralph Dawson (Anthony Adverse)
– Henry Berman (Swing Time)
– George Amy (Charge of the Light Brigade)

Best Art Direction

WINNER: Charles D. Hall (Modern Times)
WINNER: Richard Day (Dodsworth)

– Cedric Gibbons (San Francisco)
– Lansing Holden (production designer), Sturges Carne, Lyle Wheeler, and Edward Boyle (art directors) (The Garden of Allah)
– Anton Grot (Anthony Adverse)

Best Costume Design

WINNER: Adrian (Camille)

– Bernard Newman (Swing Time)
– Adrian (San Francisco)
– Vera West, Doris Zinkeisen (Show Boat)

Best Song

WINNER: The Way You Look Tonight from “Swing Time”; Jerome Kern (music), Dorothy Fields (lyrics) (original winner)

– A Fine Romance from “Swing Time”; Jerome Kern (music), Dorothy Fields (lyrics)
– Let’s Face The Music And Dance from “Follow The Fleet”; Irwing Berlin
– I’ve Got You Under My Skin from “Born To Dance”; Cole Porter (original nominee)
– San Francisco from “San Francisco”; Bronislau Kaper and Walter Jurmann (music), Gus Kahn (lyrics)

Best Short

WINNER: Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (Paramount/Dave Fleischer)

– Allegretto (Oskar Fischinger)
– Night Mail (General Post Office Film Unit/Harry Watt & Basil Wright)
– The Country Cousin (Disney/David Hand & Wilfred Jackson)

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