Fixing the Oscars – 1965

Best Picture: English Language

THE WINNER: The Sound of Music (original winner)

– Chimes at Midnight
– Repulsion
– Doctor Zhivago (original nominee)
– The Hill

Best Picture: Non-English Language

THE WINNER: The Battle of Algiers (original nominee)

– Pierrot le Fou
– The Shop on Main Street (original foreign winner)
– Tokyo Olympiad
– Alphaville

Best Actor

THE WINNER: Richard Burton (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold) (original nominee)

– Orson Welles (Chimes at Midnight)
– Terence Stamp (The Collector)
– Jean-Paul Belmondo (Pierrot le Fou)
– Lee Marvin (Cat Ballou) (original winner)

Best Actress

THE WINNER: Julie Andrews (The Sound of Music) (original nominee)

– Catherine Deneuve (Repulsion)
– Giulietta Masina (Juliet of the Spirits)
– Anna Karina (Pierrot le Fou)
– Julie Christie (Darling) (original winner)
– Hana Brejchova (Loves of a Blonde)

Best Supporting Actor

THE WINNER: Rod Steiger (Doctor Zhivago)

– Toshiro Mifune (Red Beard)
– Frank Finlay (Othello) (original nominee)
– Ian Bannen (The Hill)
– John Gielgud (Chimes at Midnight)

Best Supporting Actress

THE WINNER: Sylvia Pinal (Simon of the Desert)

– Shelley Winters (A Patch of Blue) (original winner)
– Luciana Paluzzi (Thunderball)
– Margaret Rutherford (Chimes at Midnight)
– Eleanor Parker (The Sound of Music)

Best Director

THE WINNER: Robert Wise (The Sound of Music) (original winner)

– Roman Polanski (Repulsion)
– Jean-Luc Godard (Pierrot le Fou)
– Orson Welles (Chimes at Midnight)
– Jean-Luc Godard (Alphaville)
– Kon Ichikawa (Tokyo Olympiad)

Best Screenplay

THE WINNER: Gerard Brach, Roman Polanski, David Stone (Repulsion)

– Orson Welles (Chimes at Midnight)
– Stanley Mann, John Kohn (The Collector) (original nominee)
– Frederic Raphael (Darling) (original winner)
– Ladislav Grosman, Jan Kadar, Elmar Klos (The Shop on Main Street)

Best Cinematography: Color

THE WINNER: Ted D. McCord (The Sound of Music) (original nominee)

– Freddie Young (Doctor Zhivago) (original winner)
– Shigeo Hayashida, Kazuo Miyagawa, Shigeichi Nagano, Kenichi Nakamura, Tadashi Tanaka (Tokyo Olympiad)
– Raoul Coutard (Pierrot le Fou)
– Russell Harlan (The Great Race) (original nominee)
– Joseph F. Biroc (The Flight of the Phoenix)

Best Cinematography: Black and White

THE WINNER: Gilbert Taylor (Repulsion)

– Edmond Richard (Chimes at Midnight)
– Raoul Coutard (Alphaville)
– Ernest Laszlo (Ship of Fools) (original winner)
– Rakai Sato, Asakazu Nakai (Red Beard)
– Hiroshi Murai (Samurai Assassin)

Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture

THE WINNER: Maurice Jarre (Doctor Zhivago) (original winner)

– Ennio Morricone (For a Few Dollars More)
– John Barry (Thunderball)
– Burt Bacharach (What’s New, Pussycat?)
– Frank De Vol (The Flight of the Phoenix)
– Toshiro Mayuzumi (Tokyo Olympiad)

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