¡Cuba Sí!

“It remains the best and most intimate film on the making of a revolution.”

“Seeing and hearing Fidel Castro on it, I would say it is the best and most intimate film on the making of a personality cult.”

“Description of Incident: Marker’s film “Cuba si!” was called into question due to its anti-American/anti-Western message, its attack on the Catholic Church, and the free public forum it provided communist Cuba with. As a result of the film’s controversial nature, on July 31, 1961 the French Commission de controle des films cinematographiques agreed to ban the film abroad as well as in France.

Results of Incident: Marker responded to the French Commission’s ruling by arranging film screenings for foreign journalists and critics, in and around Paris. He also published the first of his volumes of “Commentaries”, which includes texts of the commentary accompanying “Cuba si!”, a selection of stills, texts of the narrative tracks of his six earlier documentaries, and copies of his correspondence with the Ministry of Information pertaining to bans on his films. The screenings Marker arranged along with illegal prints caused the film to be seen and reviewed in Germany, Scandinavia, and Britain; but it has never been publicly screened in the US.”


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