Hearts of the World (1918)

“Made as a Propaganda movie to promote the entering of America into the Great War, it was released when the war was already won.
As a Propaganda piece It fails: I found myself often rooting for the Huns. Only Dorothy Gish scarcely adds some much needed sensuality and freshness, that lightens up a bit the overall sanctimonious, patronizing tune.
The war sequences, some of them allegedly filmed near the front line, left me unimpressed. Only the 10′ last battle provides some action, but it was too late and not enough to make the whole experience satisfying.”

“Sometimes one does not know whether what he is seeing is a real war or screen make-believe. The pictures of hand to hand fighting in the trenches, the bursting of shells from big guns, the demolition of buildings, the scouting trips and raids into enemy trenches are impressively realistic.” (1918)

1918 Hearts of the world - Corazones del mundo [actor] [sin acreditar] (ing) 01

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  1. Mythical Monkey Says:

    Blogspot ate all my links a year ago — thought I’d never find your blog again! Always one of my favorites.

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