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Fixing the Oscars 2.0 – 1949

March 6, 2011


The Third Man – WINNER!

– White Heat
– Kind Hearts and Coronets
– The Heiress
– On the Town


Banshun / Late Spring – WINNER!

– Jour de fête
– Le Silence de la Mer / The Silence of the Sea
– Nora inu / Stray Dog
– Cisaruv slavík / The Emperor’s Nightingale


James Cagney (White Heat) – WINNER!

– Richard Todd (The Hasty Heart)
– Toshiro Mifune (Stray Dog)
– Joseph Cotten (The Third Man)
– Broderick Crawford (All the King’s Men)
– Kirk Douglas (Champion)
– Chishu Ryu (Late Spring)


Olivia de Havilland (The Heiress) – WINNER!

– Setsuko Hara (Late Spring)
– Silvana Mangano (Bitter Rice)
– Patricia Neal (The Fountainhead)
– Ingrid Bergman (Under Capricorn)
– Katharine Hepburn (Adam’s Rib)
– Deborah Kerr (Edward, My Son)


Alec Guinness (Kind Hearts and Coronets) – WINNER!

– Ralph Richardson (The Heiress)
– Orson Welles (The Third Man)
– Juano Hernandez (Intruder in the Dust)
– Paul Douglas (A Letter to Three Wives)


Margaret Wycherly (White Heat) – WINNER!

– Betty Garrett (On the Town)
– Mercedes McCambridge (All the King’s Men)
– Elizabeth Patterson (Intruder in the Dust)
– Judy Holliday (Adam’s Rib)
– Ann Miller (On the Town)
– Nicole Stéphane (Le Silence de la Mer)


Carol Reed (The Third Man) – WINNER!

– William Wyler (The Heiress)
– Yasujiro Ozu (Late Spring)
– Raoul Walsh (White Heat)
– Robert Hamer (Kind Hearts and Coronets)


Graham Greene (The Third Man) – WINNER!

– Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts & Virginia Kellogg (White Heat)
– T.E.B. Clarke (Passport to Pimlico)
– Giuseppe De Santis, Carlo Lizzani & Gianni Puccini (Bitter Rice)
– Garson Kanin & Ruth Gordon (Adam’s Rib)
– Robert Pirosh (Battleground)


Robert Hamer & John Dighton [from the novel “Israel Rank: The Autobiography of a Criminal” by Roy Horniman] (Kind Hearts and Coronets) – WINNER!

– Joseph L. Mankiewicz & Vera Caspary [from the novel by John Klempner] (A Letter to Three Wives)
– Augustus Goetz & Ruth Goetz [from the novel “Washington Square” by Henry James] (The Heiress)
– Kogo Noda & Yasujiro Ozu [from the novel “Father and Daughter” by Kazuo Hirotsu] (Late Spring)
– Robert Rossen [from the novel by Robert Penn Warren] (All the King’s Men)


The Third Man (Robert Krasker) – WINNER!

– The Heiress (Leo Tover)
– She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (Winton C. Hoch)
– Le Silence de la Mer (Henri Decaë)
– The Passionate Friends (Guy Green)


The Third Man (Anton Karas) – WINNER!

– Samson and Delilah (Victor Young)
– The Fountainhead (Max Steiner)
– Jour de fête (Jean Yatove)
– The Queen of Spades (Georges Auric)
– The Red Pony (Aaron Copland)
– Beyond the Forest (Max Steiner)
– White Heat (Max Steiner)


The Heiress (Aaron Copland – original music; Van Cleave – orchestrator) – 28 votes (16 Adapted, 12 Original) – WINNER!

– On the Town (Leonard Bernstein – adapted songs and compositions; Roger Edens – original songs; Betty Comden & Adolph Green – adapted and original lyrics; Lennie Hayton – musical director)
– Bitter Rice (uncredited)
– Jolson Sings Again (Harry M. Woods, Harry Warren, Al Dubin, et. al. – adapted songs; Morris Stoloff – musical director)
– Neptune’s Daughter (Frank Loesser – original songs; George Stoll – musical director)
– Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Roger Edens, Betty Comden & Adolph Green – original songs; Adolph Deutsch – musical director)


“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, Frank Loesser (Neptune’s Daughter) – WINNER!

– “Prehistoric Man”, Roger Edens, Betty Comden & Adolph Green (On the Town)
– “Count on Me”, Roger Edens, Betty Comden & Adolph Green (On the Town)
– “The Headless Horseman”, Don Raye & Gene de Paul (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad/The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
– “Ichabod”, Don Raye & Gene de Paul (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad/The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
– “My Foolish Heart”, Victor Young & Ned Washington (My Foolish Heart)
– “Through a Long and Sleepless Night”, Alfred Newman & Mack Gordon (Come to the Stable)
– “You’re Awful”, Roger Edens, Betty Comden & Adolph Green (On the Town)


Twelve O’Clock High – WINNER!

– White Heat
– The Third Man
– Stray Dog
– Battleground


The Third Man (Oswald Hafenrichter) – WINNER!

– White Heat (Owen Marks)
– Le Silence de la Mer (Henri Decaë and Jean-Pierre Melville)
– Stray Dog (Toshio Gotô and Yoshi Sugihara)
– Twelve O’Clock High (Barbara McLean)


The Heiress (Harry Horner – production designer; Harry Horner and John Meehan – art directors; Emile Kuri – set decorator) – WINNER!

– The Third Man (Joseph Bato, John Hawkesworth and Vincent Korda – set designer; Ferdinand Bellan and James Sawyer – art directors; Dario Simoni – set decorator)
– Jour de fête (René Moulaert – set decorator; André Pierdel – property master)
– Madame Bovary (Cedric Gibbons and Jack Martin Smith – art directors; Richard Pefferle and Edwin B. Willis – set decorators)
– Samson and Delilah (Hans Dreier, Walter H. Tyler and John Meehan – art directors; Sam Comer, Ray Moyer and Maurice Goodman – set decorators)
– Fabiola (Veniero Colasanti – set decorator; Giuseppe Della Torre – art advisor; Demofilo Fidani – assistant production designer; Franco Lolli and Aldo Tommasini – set designers)


The Heiress (Edith Head & Gile Steele) – Winner!

– On the Town (Helen Rose)
– Madame Bovary (Walter Plunkett and Valles)
– Kind Hearts and Coronets (Anthony Mandleson)
– Under Capricorn (Roger K. Furse and Julia Squire)
– Prince of Foxes (Vittorio Nino Novarrese)


Mighty Joe Young (Willis O’Brien, Ray Harryhausen, et. al.) – WINNER!

– Twelve O’Clock High (Fred Sersen)
– Battleground (Uncredited)
– White Heat (Roy Davidson and Hans F. Koenekamp)
– Samson and Delilah (Barney Wolff)


Bad Luck Blackie – Winner!

– Begone Dull Care
– Le sang des bêtes / The Blood of the Beasts
– Long-Haired Hare
– Fast and Furry-ous
– For Scent-imental Reasons
– High Diving Hare
– The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
– Little Rural Riding Hood


Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly for the choreography of On the Town – WINNER!

Fixing the Oscars – 1949

October 9, 2007

Film (English Language)

Winner The Third Man

– The Heiress
– Gun Crazy/Deadly Is The Female
– White Heat
– Kind Hearts And Coronets

Film (Foreign Language)

Winner: Orphee

– Late Spring
– Stray Dog
– Jour De Fete
– The Great Madcap


Winner James Cagney WHITE HEAT

– John Wayne She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
– Jean Marais Orphee
– Toshiro Mifune Stray Dog
– Kirk Douglas Champion


Winner Olivia DeHavilland THE HEIRESS

– Setsuko Hara Late Spring
– Jennifer Jones Madame Bovary
– Patricia Neal The Fountainhead
– Linda Darnell Letter To Three Wives

Supporting Actor

Winner Ralph Richardson THE HEIRESS

– Orson Welles The Third Man
– Francois Perier Orphee
– Alec Guinness Kind Hearts And Coronets
– Paul Douglas Letter To Three Wives

Supporting Actress

Winner Maria Casares ORPHEE

– Mercedes McCabmridge All The King’s Men
– Keiko Awaji Stray Dog
– Margaret Wycherly White Heat
– Ann Miller On The Town


Winner Jean Cocteau ORPHEE
Winner William Wyler THE HEIRESS

– Carol Reed The Third Man
– Yasujiro Ozu Late Spring
– Robert Wise The Set Up

Original Screenplay

Winner Graham Greene & Alexander Korda THE THIRD MAN

– Jean Cocteau Orphee
– Virginia Kellog, Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts White Heat
– Ruth Gordon & Garson Kanin Adam’s Rib
– Robert Pirosh Battleground

Adapted Screenplay

Winner Joseph L. Mankiewicz & Vera Caspary A LETTER TO THREE WIVES (Letter To Five Wives a novel by John Klempner)

– August and Ruth Goetz The Heiress (from their play adapted from the Henry James novel, Washington Square)
– Robert Hamer & John Dighton Kind Hearts And Coronets (from the novel Israel Rank by Roy Horniman)
– MacKinlay Kantor & Dalton Trumbo Gun Crazy/Deadly Is The Female (based on the story Gun Crazy by Kantor)
– Janet & Luis Alcoriza The Great Madcap (from the play El Gran Calavera by Adolfo Torrado)


Winner Robert Krasker THE THIRD MAN

– Winton Hoch She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
– Leo Tover The Heiress
– Nicolas Hayer Orphee
– Russell Harlan Gun Crazy/Deadly Is The Female

Original Underscore

Winner Anton Karas THE THIRD MAN (43 votes)
Aaron Copland The Red Pony (36 votes)
Max Steiner The Fountainhead (16 votes)
Victor Young Samson And Delilah (14 votes)
Georges Auric Orphee (13 votes)

Musical Scoring/Adaptation/Song Score

Winner Aaron Copland THE HEIRESS

– Saul Chaplin, Roger Edens, Lennie Hayton, Conrad Salinger On The Town


Winner Frank Loesser Baby It’s Cold Outside (Neptune’s Daughter)

– Ned Washington & Victor Young My Foolish Heart (My Foolish Heart)
– Roger Edens Prehistoric Man (On The Town)

Film Editing

Winner Oswald Hafenricheter THE THIRD MAN

– Jacqueline Sadoul Orphee
– Roland Gross The Set Up
– Owen Marks White Heat
– Toshio Goto, Yoshi Sugihara Stray Dog

Art Direction

Winner John Meehan, Harry Horner, Emile Kuri THE HEIRESS

– Jean D’Eaubonne Orphee
– Hans Dreier, Walter Tyler, Sam Corner, Ray Moyer Samson And Delilah
– Vincent Korda & Joesph Bato The Third Man
– Rene Moulaert & Andre Pierdal Jour De Fete


Winner Edith Head, Giles Steele THE HEIRESS

– Edith Head, Dorothy Jeakins, Eloise Jenssen, Gile Steele, Gwen Wakeling Samson And Delilah
– Marcel Escoffier Orphee
– Helen Rose On The Town
– Walter Plunkett, Valles Madame Bovary


Winner Bad Luck Blackie (MGM/Tex Avery)

– Long Haired Hre (WB/Chuck Jones)
– For Scentimental Reasons (WB/Chuck Jones)
– Little Rural Riding Hood (MGM/Tex Avery)
– High Diving Hare (WB/Fritz Freleng)
– Out Foxed (MGM/Tex Avery)