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¡Cuba Sí!

September 15, 2017

“It remains the best and most intimate film on the making of a revolution.”

“Seeing and hearing Fidel Castro on it, I would say it is the best and most intimate film on the making of a personality cult.”

“Description of Incident: Marker’s film “Cuba si!” was called into question due to its anti-American/anti-Western message, its attack on the Catholic Church, and the free public forum it provided communist Cuba with. As a result of the film’s controversial nature, on July 31, 1961 the French Commission de controle des films cinematographiques agreed to ban the film abroad as well as in France.

Results of Incident: Marker responded to the French Commission’s ruling by arranging film screenings for foreign journalists and critics, in and around Paris. He also published the first of his volumes of “Commentaries”, which includes texts of the commentary accompanying “Cuba si!”, a selection of stills, texts of the narrative tracks of his six earlier documentaries, and copies of his correspondence with the Ministry of Information pertaining to bans on his films. The screenings Marker arranged along with illegal prints caused the film to be seen and reviewed in Germany, Scandinavia, and Britain; but it has never been publicly screened in the US.”


Fixing the Oscars – 1961

September 5, 2007

Best Picture

THE WINNER (TIE): Jules and Jim

– West Side Story (actual 1961 winner)
– The Hustler (original nominee)
– Through a Glass Darkly (actual 1961 Foreign Film winner)

Best Actor

THE WINNER: Toshiro Mifure (Yojimbo)

– Paul Newman (The Hustler) (original nominee)
– James Cagney (One, Two, Three)
– Maximilian Schell (Judgment at Nuremberg) (actual 1961 winner)
– Oskar Werner (Jules and Jim)

Best Actress

THE WINNER: Jeanne Moreau (Jules and Jim)

– Sophia Loren (Two Women) (actual 1961 winner)
– Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) (original nominee)
– Natalie Wood (Splendor in the Grass (original nominee)
– Deborah Kerr (The Innocents)

Best Supporting Actor

THE WINNER: George C. Scott (The Hustler) (original nominee – refused nomination)

– Jackie Gleason (The Hustler) (original nominee)
– Tatsuya Nakadai (Yojimbo)
– Eli Wallach (The Misfits)
– Martin Stephens (The Innocents)
– Montgomery Clift (Judgment at Nuremberg) (original nominee)

Best Supporting Actress

THE WINNER: Rita Moreno (West Side Story) (actual 1961 winner)

– Piper Laurie (The Hustler) (original Best Actress nominee)
– Elenora Brown (Two Women)
– Judy Garland (Judgment at Nuremberg) (original nominee)
– Isuzu Yamada (Yojimbo)

Best Director

THE WINNER: Francois Truffaut (Jules and Jim) (new nominee)

– Akira Kurosawa (Yojimbo)
– Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins (West Side Story) (actual 1961 winners)
– Robert Rossen (The Hustler) (original nominee)
– Alain Resnais (Last Year in Marienbad)

Best Score

THE WINNER: Masuro Sato (Yojimbo)

– Georges Delerue (Jules and Jim)
– Henry Mancini (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) (actual 1961 winner)
– Elmer Bernstein (Summer and Smoke) (original nominee)
– Alex North (The Misfits)
– Miklos Rozsa (El Cid) (original nominee)

FIxing The Oscars 2.0 – 1961

June 17, 2007

Best Picture, Non-English Language

– Yojimbo (winner!)

– Viridiana
– Through a Glass Darkly
– Last Year at Marienbad
– Cleo from 5 to 7
– Divorce Italian Style

Best Picture, English Language

– West Side Story (winner!)

– The Hustler
– The Innocents
– The Misfits
– Judgment at Nuremberg

Best Actor

– Paul Newman (The Hustler) (winner!)

– Toshiro Mifune (Yojimbo)
– Marcello Mastroianni (Divorce Italian Style)
– Max von Sydow (Through a Glass Darkly)
– Dirk Bogarde (Victim)
– Maximilian Schell (Judgment at Nuremberg)

Best Actress

– Deborah Kerr (The Innocents) (winner!)

– Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
– Harriet Andersson (Through a Glass Darkly)
– Silvia Pinal (Viridiana)
– Claudia McNeil (A Raisin in the Sun)
– Delphine Seyrig (Last Year at Marienbad)

Best Supporting Actor

– Tatsuya Nakadai (Yojimbo) (winner!)

– George C. Scott (The Hustler)
– Fernando Rey (Viridiana)
– Alan Bates (Whistle Down the Wind)
– Jean-Paul Belmondo (A Woman is a Woman)
– Eli Wallach (The Misfits)

Best Supporting Actress

– Rita Moreno (West Side Story) (winner!)

– Piper Laurie (The Hustler)
– Judy Garland (Judgment at Nuremberg)
– Marlene Dietrich (Judgment at Nuremberg)
– Fay Bainter (The Children’s Hour)
– Irene Papas (The Guns of Navarone)

Best Director

– Akira Kurosawa (Yojimbo) (winner!)

– Luis Buñuel (Viridiana)
– Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins (West Side Story)
– Ingmar Bergman (Through a Glass Darkly)
– Alain Resnais (Last Year at Marienbad)

Best Cinematography, Black and White

– Sacha Vierny (Last Year At Marienbad) (winner!)

– Kazuo Miyagawa (Yojimbo)
– Sven Nykvist (Through A Glass Darkly)
– Eugene Schufftan (The Hustler)
– Freddie Francis (The Innocents)

Best Cinematography, Colour

– Daniel L. Fapp (West Side Story) (winner!)

– Robert Krasker (El Cid)
– Franz Planer & Manuel Berenger (King of Kings)
– Mario Bava (Hercules At The Center Of The Earth)
– Arthur Grant (Curse Of The Werewolf)
– Oswald Morris (The Guns Of Navarone)

Best Original Screenplay

– Akira Kurosawa & Ryuzo Kikushima (Yojimbo) (winner!)

– Ennio De Concini & Pietro Germi & Alfredo Giannetti (Divorce – Italian Style)
– Alain Robbe-Grillet (Last Year at Marienbad)
– Ingmar Bergman (Through a Glass Darkly)
– Arthur Miller (The Misfits)

Best Adapted Screenplay

– Luis Buñuel & Julio Alejandro de Castro (Viridiana, from the novel Halma by Benito Pérez Galdós) (winner!)

– Sydney Carroll & Robert Rossen (The Hustler, from the novel by Walter Tevis)
– William Archibald & Truman Capote & John Mortimer (The Innocents, from the novel The Turn of the Screw by Henry James)
– George Axelrod (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, from the novel by Truman Capote)
– Abby Mann (Judgment at Nuremberg, from the teleplay by Mann originally broadcast on “Playhouse 90”)

Best Original Score

– Masaru Satô (Yojimbo) (winner!)

– Erik Nordgren (Through a Glass Darkly)
– Miklos Rozsa (El Cid)
– Georges Auric (The Innocents)
– Alex North (The Misfits)

Best Adapted / Song / Musical Score

– Leonard Bernstein (music), Stephen Sondheim (lyrics), Saul Chaplin, Johhny Green, Irwin Kostal & Sid Ramin (music supervisors) (West Side Story) (winner!)

– Duke Ellington (Paris Blues)
– Richard Rodgers (music), Oscar Hammerstein II (lyrics), Alfred Newman (music supervisor) & Ken Darby (vocal arranger) (Flower Drum Song)
– Uncredited (Viridiana)
– Victor Herbert (music), Mel Leven (lyrics) & George Bruns (music supervisor) (Babes in Toyland)

Best Original Song

– “Moon River”, Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) (winner!)

– “Town Without Pity”, Dimitri Tiomkin & Ned Washington (Town Without Pity)
– “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, George Weiss, Hugo Peretti & Luigi Creatore (with elements of Jean Paul Egide Martini’s “Plaisir d’amour”) (Blue Hawaii)
– “Mosura no uta (The Mothra Song)”, Yuji Koseki & Susumu Ike (Mothra)
– “Cruella de Vil”, Mel Leven (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)
– “The Falcon and the Dove (Love Theme from El Cid)”, Miklos Rozsa & Paul Francis Webster (El Cid)
– “Pocketful of Miracles”, Jimmy Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn (Pocketful of Miracles)

Best Sound

– Yojimbo (winner!)

– The Guns Of Navarone
– West Side Story
– The Innocents
– Whistle Down The Wind

Best Film Editing

– Akira Kurosawa (Yojimbo) (winner!)

– Thomas Stanford (West Side Story)
– Dede Allen (The Hustler)
– Alan Osbiston (The Guns of Navarone)
– Pascale Laverrière & Janine Verneau (Cleo from 5 to 7)
– Jasmine Chasney & Henri Colpi (Last Year at Marienbad)
– Philip W. Anderson (The Parent Trap)
– Max Benedict (Whistle Down the Wind)

Best Art Direction, Black and White

– Jacques Saulnier & Jean-Jacques Fabre & Georges Glon & André Piltant (Last Year at Marienbad) (winner!)

– Francisco Canet (Viridiana)
– Wilfred Shingleton (The Innocents)
– Yoshirô Muraki (Yojimbo)
– Ray Simm (Whistle Down the Wind)

Best Art Direction, Colour

– Boris Leven & Victor Gangelin (West Side Story) (winner!)

– Daniel Haller (The Pit and the Pendulum)
– Ross Bellah & Hal Pereira (The Ladies Man)
– Bernard Evein (A Woman is a Woman)
– Geoffrey Drake (The Guns of Navarone)

Best Costume Design

– Irene Sharaff (West Side Story) (winner!)

– Yoshirô Muraki (Yojimbo)
– Irene Sharaff (Flower Drum Song)
– Dorothy Jeakins (The Children’s Hour)
– Veniero Colasanti & John Moore (El Cid)

Best Special Effects

– The Guns of Navarone (winner!)

– The Absent-Minded Professor
– Mothra
– Mysterious Island
– The Pit And The Pendulum

Best Film Short

– Munro (winner!)

– Surogat
– Aquamania
– Compressed Hare
– Lickety-Splat
– Nelly’s Folly