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Fixing The Oscars 2.0 – 1965

February 10, 2009

Best Picture, Non-English Language

The Shop on Main Street (winner!)

– Pierrot le Fou
– Alphaville
– Red Beard
– Simon of the Desert

Best Picture, English Language

Repulsion (winner!)

– Chimes at Midnight
– The Sound of Music
– Doctor Zhivago
– The Collector

Best Actor

Terence Stamp (The Collector) (winner!)

– Jean-Paul Belmondo (Pierrot le Fou)
– Richard Burton (The Spy Who Came in From the Cold)
– Jozef Kroner (The Shop on Main Street)
– Lou Castel (Fists in the Pocket)
– Sean Connery (The Hill)

Best Actress

Catherine Deneuve (Repulsion) (winner!)

– Julie Andrews (The Sound of Music)
– Julie Christie (Darling)
– Ida Kamiska (The Shop on Main Street)
– Samantha Eggar (The Collector)
– Giulietta Masina (Juliet of the Spirits)

Best Supporting Actor

Frank Finlay (Othello) (winner!)

– Toshiro Mifune (Red Beard)
– Rod Steiger (Doctor Zhivago)
– Tom Courtenay (King Rat)
– Edward G. Robinson (The Cincinnati Kid)
– Ian Bannen (The Hill)

Best Supporting Actress

Silvia Pinal (Simon of the Desert) (winner!)

– Anna Karina (Pierrot le Fou)
– Anna Karina (Alphaville)
– Shelley Winters (A Patch of Blue)
– Rita Tushingham (The Knack… and How to Get It)
– Barbara Harris (A Thousand Clowns)

Best Director

Robert Wise (The Sound of Music) (winner!)

– Jean-Luc Godard (Pierrot le Fou)
– David Lean (Doctor Zhivago)
– William Wyler (The Collector)
– Orson Welles (Chimes at Midnight)
– Richard Lester (The Knack… and How to Get It)
– Roman Polanski (Repulsion)

Best Cinematography, Black and White

Gilbert Taylor (Repulsion) (winner!)

– Oswald Morris (The Hill)
– Raoul Coutard (Alphaville)
– Edmond Richard (Chimes at Midnight)
– Ernest Laszlo (Ship of Fools)

Best Cinematography, Colour

Freddie Young (Doctor Zhivago) (winner!)

– Ted McCord (The Sound Of Music)
– Raoul Coutard (Pierrot le Fou)
– Gianni di Venanzo (Juliet of the Spirits)
– William C Mellor & Loyal Griggs (The Greatest Story Ever Told)

Best Original Screenplay

Roman Polanski & Gérard Brach & David Stone (Repulsion) (winner!)

– Marco Bellocchio (Fists in the Pocket)
– Frederic Raphael (Darling)
– Luis Buñuel & Julio Alejandro (Simon of the Desert)
– Agnès Varda (Le Bonheur)
– Milos Forman & Jaroslav Papousek & Ivan Passer & Václav Sasek (Loves of a Blonde)
– Peter Watkins (The War Game)

Best Adapted Screenplay

Bryan Forbes (King Rat, from the novel by James Clavell) (tied winner!)
Ladislav Grosman & Ján Kadár & Elmar Klos (The Shop on Main Street, from the story “Past” and printed screenplay Obchod na korze by Grosman) (tied winner!)

– Stanley Mann & John Kohn (The Collector, from the novel by John Fowles)
– Orson Welles (Chimes at Midnight, from the book The Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland by Raphael Holinshed et. al. and the plays Henry IV (parts 1 & 2), Richard II, Henry V and The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare, all re-edited for the stage by Welles under the title Five Kings)
– Robert Bolt (Doctor Zhivago, from the novel by Boris Pasternak)
– Jean-Luc Godard (Pierrot le Fou, from the novel Obsession by Lionel White)

Best Original Score

Maurice Jarre (Doctor Zhivago) (winner!)

– Ennio Morricone (For a Few Dollars More)
– John Barry (The Ipcress File)
– Quincy Jones (Mirage)
– Paul Misraki (Alphaville)
– Nino Rota (Juliet of the Spirits)
– John Barry (The Knack… and How to Get It)
– Toshirô Mayuzumi (Tokyo Olympiad)

Best Adapted / Song / Musical Score

Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II (adapted and original songs); Irwin Kostal (music supervisor) (The Sound of Music) (winner!)

– John Lennon, Paul McCartney & George Harrison (original songs); Ken Thorne (musical director); George Martin (song producer) (Help!)
– Frank De Vol (music arranger) (Cat Ballou)
– Don Walker (music supervisor) (A Thousand Clowns)
– Shankarsinh Raghuwanshi & Jaikishan Dayabhai Pankal & Hasrat Jaipuri (original songs) (Gumnaam)

Best Original Song

“Help!”, John Lennon & Paul McCartney (Help!) (winner!)

– “What’s New, Pussycat?”, Burt Bacharach & Hal David (What’s New, Pussycat)
– “The Ballad of Cat Ballou”, Jerry Livingston & Mack David (Cat Ballou)
– “The Sweetheart Tree”, Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer (The Great Race)
– “Ma ligne de chance”, Antoine Duhamel & Boris Bassiak (Pierrot le Fou)
– “The Shadow of Your Smile” Johnny Mandel & Paul Francis Webster (The Sandpiper)

Best Sound

The Sound of Music (winner!)

– Doctor Zhivago
– Repulsion
– The Great Race
– Alphaville

Best Film Editing

Agnès Guillemot (Alphaville) (winner!)

– Janine Verneau (Le Bonheur)
– Norman Savage (Doctor Zhivago)
– Françoise Collin (Pierrot le Fou)
– William Reynolds (The Sound of Music)

Best Art Direction, Black and White

José Antonio de la Guerra (Chimes at Midnight) (winner!)

– Robert Emmet Smith & Frank Tuttle (King Rat)
– Tadeusz Myszorek & Jerzy Skarzynski (The Sargossa Manuscript)
– Seamus Flannery (Repulsion)
– Pierre Guffroy (Alphaville)
– Sydney Z. Litwack (The Loved One)

Best Art Direction, Colour

Terence Marsh & Gil Parrondo (Doctor Zhivago) (winner!)

– Boris Leven & Harry Kemm (The Sound of Music)
– Piero Gherardi & Vito Anzalone (Juliet of the Spirits)
– Jack Martin Smith & Giovanni Natalucc (The Agony and the Ecstacy)
– Giorgio Giovannini & Emilio Zago (Planet of the Vampires)

Best Costume Design

Julie Harris (Darling) (winner!)

– Phyllis Dalton (Doctor Zhivago)
– Piero Gherardi & Bruna Parmesan (Juliet of the Spirits)
– Lidia Skarzynska & Jerzy Skarzynski (The Sargossa Manuscript)
– José Antonio de la Guerra (Chimes at Midnight)

Best Special Effects

Thunderball (winner!)

– Doctor Zhivago
– The Flight of the Phoenix
– For a Few Dollars More
– Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Best Film Short

The Hand (Ruka) (winner!)

– The Dot and the Line
– Now!
– Syrinx
– A Game With Stones
– The Lady and the Cellist

Special Achievement Award

Saul Bass, for the title sequence design of Bunny Lake is Missing (winner!)

Fixing the Oscars – 1965

July 16, 2008

Best Picture: English Language

THE WINNER: The Sound of Music (original winner)

– Chimes at Midnight
– Repulsion
– Doctor Zhivago (original nominee)
– The Hill

Best Picture: Non-English Language

THE WINNER: The Battle of Algiers (original nominee)

– Pierrot le Fou
– The Shop on Main Street (original foreign winner)
– Tokyo Olympiad
– Alphaville

Best Actor

THE WINNER: Richard Burton (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold) (original nominee)

– Orson Welles (Chimes at Midnight)
– Terence Stamp (The Collector)
– Jean-Paul Belmondo (Pierrot le Fou)
– Lee Marvin (Cat Ballou) (original winner)

Best Actress

THE WINNER: Julie Andrews (The Sound of Music) (original nominee)

– Catherine Deneuve (Repulsion)
– Giulietta Masina (Juliet of the Spirits)
– Anna Karina (Pierrot le Fou)
– Julie Christie (Darling) (original winner)
– Hana Brejchova (Loves of a Blonde)

Best Supporting Actor

THE WINNER: Rod Steiger (Doctor Zhivago)

– Toshiro Mifune (Red Beard)
– Frank Finlay (Othello) (original nominee)
– Ian Bannen (The Hill)
– John Gielgud (Chimes at Midnight)

Best Supporting Actress

THE WINNER: Sylvia Pinal (Simon of the Desert)

– Shelley Winters (A Patch of Blue) (original winner)
– Luciana Paluzzi (Thunderball)
– Margaret Rutherford (Chimes at Midnight)
– Eleanor Parker (The Sound of Music)

Best Director

THE WINNER: Robert Wise (The Sound of Music) (original winner)

– Roman Polanski (Repulsion)
– Jean-Luc Godard (Pierrot le Fou)
– Orson Welles (Chimes at Midnight)
– Jean-Luc Godard (Alphaville)
– Kon Ichikawa (Tokyo Olympiad)

Best Screenplay

THE WINNER: Gerard Brach, Roman Polanski, David Stone (Repulsion)

– Orson Welles (Chimes at Midnight)
– Stanley Mann, John Kohn (The Collector) (original nominee)
– Frederic Raphael (Darling) (original winner)
– Ladislav Grosman, Jan Kadar, Elmar Klos (The Shop on Main Street)

Best Cinematography: Color

THE WINNER: Ted D. McCord (The Sound of Music) (original nominee)

– Freddie Young (Doctor Zhivago) (original winner)
– Shigeo Hayashida, Kazuo Miyagawa, Shigeichi Nagano, Kenichi Nakamura, Tadashi Tanaka (Tokyo Olympiad)
– Raoul Coutard (Pierrot le Fou)
– Russell Harlan (The Great Race) (original nominee)
– Joseph F. Biroc (The Flight of the Phoenix)

Best Cinematography: Black and White

THE WINNER: Gilbert Taylor (Repulsion)

– Edmond Richard (Chimes at Midnight)
– Raoul Coutard (Alphaville)
– Ernest Laszlo (Ship of Fools) (original winner)
– Rakai Sato, Asakazu Nakai (Red Beard)
– Hiroshi Murai (Samurai Assassin)

Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture

THE WINNER: Maurice Jarre (Doctor Zhivago) (original winner)

– Ennio Morricone (For a Few Dollars More)
– John Barry (Thunderball)
– Burt Bacharach (What’s New, Pussycat?)
– Frank De Vol (The Flight of the Phoenix)
– Toshiro Mayuzumi (Tokyo Olympiad)