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Fixing the Oscars – 1997

April 25, 2007

Best Picture (English-language)

(WINNER!) – Boogie Nights

– The Sweet Hereafter
– L.A. Confidential
– Lost Highway
– The Butcher Boy
– Jackie Brown

Best Picture (non-English-language)

(WINNER!) – Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)

– Happy Together (Cheun gwong tsa sit)
– Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella)
– Fireworks (Hana-bi)
– A Taste of Cherry (Ta’m e guilass)

Best Actor

(WINNER!) – Ian Holm (The Sweet Hereafter)

– Roberto Benigni (Life is Beautiful)
– Tony Leung (Happy Together)
– Jack Nicholson (As Good as It Gets)
– Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential)
– Russell Crowe (L.A. Confidential)
– Nick Nolte (Affliction)
– Takeshi Kitano (Fireworks)

Best Actress

(WINNER!) – Pam Grier (Jackie Brown)

– Kate Winslet (Titanic)
– Helen Hunt (As Good as It Gets)
– Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy)
– Helena Bonham Carter (The Wings of the Dove)

Best Supporting Actor

26 (WINNER!) – Robert Forster (Jackie Brown)

– Burt Reynolds (Boogie Nights)
– James Coburn (Affliction)
– Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting)
– Djimon Hounsou (Amistad)
– Jude Law (Gattaca)
– Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

Best Supporting Actress

(WINNER!) – Julianne Moore (Boogie Nights)

– Kim Basinger (L.A. Confidential)
– Heather Graham (Boogie Nights)
– Sarah Polley (The Sweet Hereafter)
– Debbi Morgan (Eve’s Bayou)
– Christina Ricci (The Ice Storm)

Best Director

(WINNER!) – Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter)

– Michael Haneke (Funny Games)
– Abbas Kiarostami (A Taste of Cherry)
– David Lynch (Lost Highway)
– James Cameron (Titanic)

Best Cinematography

(WINNER!) – Dante Spinotti (L.A. Confidential)

– Janusz Kaminski (Amistad)
– Russell Carpenter (Titanic)
– Christopher Doyle (Happy Together)
– Erling Thurmann-Andersen (Insomnia)

Best Adapted Screenplay

(WINNER!) – Brian Helgeland & Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential, from the novel by James Ellroy)

– Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter, from the novel by Russell Banks)
– Quentin Tarantino (Jackie Brown, from the novel Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard)
– Hilary Henkin & David Mamet (Wag the Dog, from the novel American Hero by Larry Beinhart)
– Neil Jordan & Patrick McCabe (The Butcher Boy, from the novel by McCabe)

Best Original Screenplay

(WINNER!) – Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights)

– Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke)
– Mark Andrus & James L. Brooks (As Good as It Gets)
– Woody Allen (Deconstructing Harry)
– Alain Berliner & Chris Vander Stappen (Ma vie en rose [My Life in Pink])

Best Original Score

(WINNER!) – Michael Nyman (Gattaca)

– James Horner (Titanic)
– Jerry Goldsmith (L.A. Confidential)
– Joe Hisaishi (Princess Mononoke)
– Joe Hisaishi (Fireworks)
– Alejandro Amenábar & Mariano Marín (Open Your Eyes)

Best Adapted/Song/Musical Score

(WINNER!) – Bobby Lavelle & Karyn Rachtman (Boogie Nights)

– John Katovsich & Ann Kline (Jackie Brown)
– Bob Last & Stephen McLaughlin (The Butcher Boy)
– Kathy Nelson & Angie Rubin (Grosse Pointe Blank)
– Randy Newman (Cats Don’t Dance)
– David Glaser & Brian Mackewich & Sean McAuliffe (Chasing Amy)
– Graham Lawrence (The Full Monty)
– Kenneth Karman & Jeffrey Kimball (Good Will Hunting)
5 – Danny Chung (Happy Together)
5 – Bonnie Greenberg & Lisa Brown (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

Best Original Song

(WINNER!) – “Miss Misery”, Elliott Smith (Good Will Hunting)

– “How Do I Live”, Diane Warren (Con Air)
– “My Heart Will Go On”, James Horner & Will Jennings (Titanic)
– “Tomorrow Never Dies”, Sheryl Crow & Mitchell Froom (Tomorrow Never Dies)
– “The Sweet Hereafter”, Mychael Danna, Sarah Polley & Robert Browning (The Sweet Hereafter)

Best Film Editing

(WINNER!) – Conrad Buff IV & James Cameron & Richard A. Harris (Titanic)

– Sally Menke (Jackie Brown)
– Peter Honess (L.A. Confidential)
– Mary Sweeney (Lost Highway)
– Dylan Tichenor (Boogie Nights)
– Pietro Scalia (Good Will Hunting)

Best Art Direction

(WINNER!) – Martin Lang (Titanic)

– Ira Gilford & Ron Gress & Michael Lamont & Jim Morahan & Kevin Phipps (The Fifth Element)
– William Arnold (L.A. Confidential)
– Franco Ceraolo & Massimo Razzi (Kundun)
– Ted Berner (Boogie Nights)
– Sarah Knowles (Gattaca)

Best Costume Design

(WINNER!) – Jean-Paul Gaultier (The Fifth Element)

– Deborah Lynn Scott (Titanic)
– Sandy Powell (The Wings of the Dove)
– Ruth Myers (L.A. Confidential)
– Mark Bridges (Boogie Nights)

Best Special Effects

(WINNER!) – Titanic

– Starship Troopers
– The Fifth Element
– Men in Black
– Contact

Best Short Film

(WINNER!) – Geri’s Game

– Bride of Resistor
– Rusalka (The Mermaid)